Diary 24 July 09:49

Hi warm guys, hi skycucumber.


Yesterday I fund your posted thread, but I leave and find something to console my wrinkled heart. Hardly I found any means to unlock knot in my life , as well as life common in the world.


In the report of the military power of China , Uncle Sam neglected some forces that will mislead the nation from the peaceful way. Even if not looking for relevant message , you can easily smell a trace of bomber on our process to a bright future. College admission notices that should transmit hopeful message to disadvantageous students have given a shocking hit on their head , the skyrocketing property market have no sign to cool down and needy family and persons are incapable to find a shelter to get through stormy season, on the other hand how many farmers are forced to leave their land and find their mean meal for his/her family in the metro , farmers should swallow down the pollution in place of monopolies enjoying luxuriant life as regime in the Mideastern , …


From the vantage viewpoint , we may see through the cloud and have a clear outlook for our currency.

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