Translation a practical course 4

1. All the items enquired for in your letter are not handle by this Corporation.
2.Enclosed is some additional technical information on the probers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.
兹附上探测器之附加技术资料。若还需其它资料, 请不要客气,可随时与我们联系。
3. Part A shall pay Part B a monthly salary of RMB ¥4500 yuan(SAY RMB FOUR THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED ONLY).
4. These documents are detailed with names, dates, places and full description of the incidents investigation.
5. We are enclosing herewith the captioned contract in two originals, of which please return one copy to us duly counter-signed for our records. 
6.require the Contractor to promptly reperform the project services in which the error was discovered at no additional cost to the Purchaser, provided that the working and living conditions as specified in Appendix 8 shall be provided by the Purchaser.
7.Any event or circumstance beyond the control of the Parties shall be deemed an even of Force Majeure and shall include, but not be restricted to, fire, storm, flood, earthquake, explosion, war, rebellion, insurrection, epidemic and quarantine restrictions.
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