Translation a pratical course 6

1. How much did you suffer?
:Plenty," the old man said. (The Old Man and the Sea)

2. "Hyde Park you said, didn’t you? I’ll be there to cheer you."
"It’s a promise," he said. (Betrayed Spring)
“ 海德公园,是不是? 我准来给你打气。”

3.extremely urgent  十万火急
  underestatimate one’s capabilities 妄自菲薄
commit the same error 重蹈覆辙
full of conceit  目空一切,目中无人,妄自尊大
miss a good chance 丧失良机,失之交臂
fellow sufferers 难兄难弟
make a superficial change 换汤不换药

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