Today’s meditation

Pay no less money and join the Proz does not mean enter into a paradise where rare advantages wait for you. At least, it’s my story now. In contrast, you should take on further new efforts (whatever your glories in past) and need to be reborn, just like a new sprout on dead stump.
This is a good lesson I learnt from others:

Currency Translations & Complex Structures

With ADVISE 4.0, models can now contain insurance premium and loss models, reinsurance treaties and invested assets in any currency mixture for the economies available within GEMS™, the company’s economic scenario generator. GEMS focuses on modeling the economic environment in which a company operates and includes both macro-economic and financial market variables. While ADVISE and GEMS can be used separately, together they create a powerful and comprehensive tool that can evaluate every aspect of the environment in which an insurer operates.

“Not only does the multi-currency function of ADVISE and GEMS create a complete modeling environment, but it provides companies with a unique and competitive advantage,” commented Weiss. “Companies can now more accurately simulate foreign operations and their risks by automatically generating foreign exchange conversions and measuring their effects. Additionally, this is the first time they can do this without having to obtain additional custom programming or model development.”

Weiss noted that another important change in ADVISE is its new ability to accurately reflect complex business structures including holding companies, partially-owned subsidiaries and affiliates. “The greater realism in modeling complex business structures will result in more accurate capital allocation to a company’s various entities, and help to more closely align planning, financial reporting and performance management systems,” he said. “The ability to easily do this while supporting multiple accounting conventions and performing proper cross-entity accounting eliminations is an industry first.”  


ADVISE4.0(先进决策与价值模拟引擎软件)目前包含保险费和保险损失模型,再保险条约和适用于GEMS™(公司经济情景产生器软件)中的经济体在任何货币组合下的投资资产. GEMS™软件侧重于模拟企业运营的经济环境,包括宏观经济和金融市场变量. ADVISE和GEMS可以分开使用,但一起使用的话,他们能成为一个强大和全面的工具,这个工具能评估保险从业者运营环境的各个方面. "ADVISE和GEMS软件的多重货币功能不仅能建立起一个完整的模拟环境,它们还可以为公司提供一个独特和有竞争力的优势",Weiss表示. “通过自动生成外汇换算和衡量其影响,公司现在可以更准地确模拟国外运营及其风险. 此外,这是他们在不用获得额外定制编程或者模型开发的前提下首次能够做到这一点.”

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