Who is the winner in the Russo-Georgian conflict

To outline the reality of Russo-Georgian conflict, I picked up every scrap on line, including three comments below:
Our view on the Georgia-Russia conflict: Guns of August reveal Putin’s larger ambition
On the surface, Russia took the best chance to intervene outboard neighour and flexed military muscles to the world. But he will sow hatred seeds in other neighbour’s hearts, actually will expel them from hesitating to behave as mediators.   
On the other hand, the west counts few cards to play in this game. Comrpomise may be the only way to meditate on.
To  Georgia, its leader left a shame for his miscalculation. It’s not the right time and place to launch such attack.
The largest winner is the separatists of  South Ossetia, who successfully pulled world powers into regional conflicts.
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