It was a strange day yesterday, being sunny at first but showered in afternoon. WHAT DAY TOADY, the boring question repetedly pounded on my humble heart. After a tasteless breakfast, I went out and chatted with people sitting in the shade with family concerns, including housing. Yes, I’m a common living creature that tries to make a better life everyday for my family and me. That seems I’m a soulless seeker for survival in this brutal society. Who cares about your means to get rich and famous? No one, at least now.  It’s all about property and power.
But I’m a little goat among wolves with bare teeches. What option left for me to make? Bow proud head and lead a mean life like a slave. But press the spirit down, down into a nuke core.
I raised my eyes up to the cloudy sky, and caught a glimpse of lightning that dazzled my black eyes.     
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