Simone Matull and

I did not receive any responce from the guy named Simone Matull, who used to assigned translation works since January, 2010, when I sent several reminders of the details of payment the guy promised repeatedly. At the moment, I recognized the fact I was kidded by the guy.
 The company of lemoine international, , in name of Simone Matull, sent a letter back to me and clarified my suspicion. The content of the letter will be very useful to every translator and interpreter, they will acheive their goals with less wasted effort.
Dear Mr or Mrs ××,
thanks for your mail. I am afraid you have been taken in by a person who is issuing jobs allegedly in my name. Please kindly read the below information for explanation, you will also find similar cases when searching for the name "Dillon Zheng" and "fraud" in the web. If you would like to talk to me personally, you can call me at our office (see phone number in signature). I am based in Cologne, Germany.
We have received similar complaints from other translators in the past, and I would like to point out that such job requests are not coming from Lemoine International. First and most important, we have our own mail domain, so my correct email address is, we do not use any gmail accounts. I am sure you only received emails over a gmail account, but not through my real address.
Second, at Lemoine Germany, we do not post any jobs through translation portals like Translator’s Café or alike, but rely on a fixed pool of internal and external freelancers instead.
Third, we will always send you an official Purchase Order upon hand-off for any job we assign.
As per our investigations, a person named Dillon Zheng from Asia is placing projects in other companies’ names and he is not paying for any of these jobs. We are quite disturbed about all this, since recently there are quite a few people contacting us. We have reported this case to the staff team of portals like and Translator’s Café, and they have placed this information in their boards as well as blocked out this user’s profile, but since he/she is obviously working from China and seems to use public internet cafés only, it seems very difficult to get hold of this person. We also contacted Google to have the mentioned gmail account get locked as this is a clear case of identity theft, but we have not received any answer so far.
Thank you very much and kind regards,
Simone Matull
Sr. Project Manager
lemoine international
Hansaring 61, D-50670 Köln
fon +49 221 1612-318
fax +49 221 1612-100
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