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文章出处:2011/12/06文汇报笔会栏 沉下心来读完一篇文章,甚或一本书,已越来越成为一种奢望。究其缘由无外乎名利心使然。 自己以翻译为生,自然多所关注同业者的动态,尤其业界中的佼佼者。田老即是值得尊敬的翻译家之一。 《神曲》经由原文意大利语译为中文,耗费了田老的一生精力,亦是其学识与才华的集中表现。 希望在余暇之际分享其盗火之功。 Advertisements

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Translation Style Guide_Dell

Dell_Translation Style Guide_ZH-CN_V05

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Hello world!

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前幾日看到人民日報2010年9月8日副刊上刊載了何西來的憶舊文章「追念钱锺書书先生」。文章樸實,無脂粉氣,讀後可堪回味。 早年時甚為仰慕锺書先生之學識,引以為人生楷模。但至今仍一文不名,不過是芸芸眾生中庸碌之輩尓。 哀莫大於心死。未死而苟且者,人之倫常尚未完成。孩子上學、老人治病、維持家庭小窩屹立不倒都還需這把還不算老的老骨頭。

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The Measure of a Man’s Character…

The measure of a man’s character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.                                                                                                                  -Thomas Macauly   What should I do? Is it right or wrong? We often raise such question in our daily … Continue reading

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Hope Here, but It’s Slim

When I made it clear that the exam was designed for two middle schools in the county, my strong willness to fight to the end seemed to give its place to being static. Being fortunate or forsaken, only God knows.   … Continue reading

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