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The Measure of a Man’s Character…

The measure of a man’s character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.                                                                                                                  -Thomas Macauly   What should I do? Is it right or wrong? We often raise such question in our daily … Continue reading

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Hope Here, but It’s Slim

When I made it clear that the exam was designed for two middle schools in the county, my strong willness to fight to the end seemed to give its place to being static. Being fortunate or forsaken, only God knows.   … Continue reading

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It Will Be a Turning Point in My Life?

The Education Bureau of my county had formally announced that the recruitment examination will be held in recent days. Someone who passed the examination will be selected to fill the vacant positions in the high schools.   In considerration of … Continue reading

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“你是不是這樣認為的”,“你是怎麼想的”……。兒子只是不語。“根本問題是沒有理想,沒有目標”。   我的話只在嘴裏一點,就像夏日裏的蜻蜓掠過水面,無聲無息。空氣裏沒有振動,也沒有回聲。   我還有理想嗎?我還在寫嗎?打開可憐的博客,我只能沉默。   我早已變得面目全非,我早被生活拋棄在沒有生命的沙漠裏。我是失敗者。   我當年的熱情,當年的追問,當年的堅持,都已毫無意義。我只是在沙灘上吃力地鼓著腮,已不能掙紮,不能抗爭。我只是活著而已。   目送一九四九:龍應臺的探索 這是久違的聲音了。沒有道貌岸然,沒有廢話假話空話。就像河邊一株翠綠的草,發著清香,隨風搖曳。沒有偽飾,就像山中小溪裏一塊卵石,無需看人的臉色,一切處於自然。

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